Lagotto Romagnolo Foundation, Inc.


Board of Directors:


Sandy Mignogna - President


Elizabeth Williams - Secretary 


Christine Stenner - Treasurer



Scientific Advisory Board: 

Dr. Seth Koch, V.M.D., MMSC
Dr. Sheldon A. Steinberg, VMD, DMSc 



Operations and Program Development:

Christine Stenner

Elizabeth Williams 

Pam Nashman

Ruben Ihuit (webpage)

Frederic Rohrer (database)




Julie Bailey
Jacqueline Barbieri
Kimberly McBee
Staci O'Toole
Lisa Sobon

Melanie Steele

Jackson N. Steele

Carolyn Talbert

Jim Talbert




The Lagotto Romagnolo Foundation,Inc. is a non profit organization
and approved by the IRS as 501(c)(3) tax exempt.


All rights reserved! 





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