Board Members 

Liz Williams - President has been raising, breeding, and competing in many venues with her dogs since 1986. Originally working as an IT Manager, Liz focused more and more on her passion for dogs and became a professional dog trainer. For over 25 years now, she has been very involved nationally with her dog breeds & advocating for ethical, responsible breeding. Her first Lagotto joined the family in 2011 after several years of research on the breed and breeders. Liz operates a dog trainings center in Oregon. 


Christine Stenner- Secetary/Treasurer  lives with three Lagotti in the Greater Philadelphia Area. She is a German native and American by choice. In her career as an attorney at law, Christine has counseled several non-profit organizations to determine and implement structure and to ensure ongoing legal and tax compliance. 

Angela Del Carro - Director lives in the north-west of Italy near Turin with her husband, two children and a Lagotto. She is a graduate with honors in Veterinary Medicine at the University of Turin. Her parents breed Lagotti giving her a special interest in utilizing her scientific knowledge to advance the wellbeing of the breed. 
Angela is dedicated and passionate about health in the breed and education. Moreover, she brings in her scientific qualification as a veterinarian. Angela has spent years studying morphology and the character of the breed. Her goal is to preserve the characteristics of the breed to have a morphologically correct dog, a good character and overall healthy Lagotto with a long lifespan. As a veterinary doctor, Angela believes in the utility of research and in the tools that it gives to breeders to plan the right matching and prevent the transmission of diseases to the future generations. Angela's goal is to promote genetic testing and to encourage breeders to share the results with the club and to the Lagotto Romagnolo Foundation Database. 

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