Behavior issues in the breed? 

Lagotto owners will tell you that this breed can be anything from outgoing to shy, from friendly to reactive. We wanted to learn more to see if there are any patterns. 


In 2017, we started a quantitative study to evaluate the breed based on the owner's questions. A role model for the questions was partially the Canine Behavioral Assessment & Research Questionnaire (C-BARQ), conducted by the University of Pennsylvania, which is a standardized, behavioral evaluation tool for dog owners/guardians, handlers and professionals.

According to the organization, “Behavior problems are widely acknowledged to be the most important cause of premature death (by euthanasia) in companion dogs, as well as being the primary reason why dogs are surrendered to animal shelters and rescue groups. They also contribute to dogs being neglected or abandoned by their owners, and/or subjected to punitive, and generally inhumane, training techniques. Among working dogs, behavioral problems are the single most common reason why dogs are released from training programs.”


Please take a look at our results. 

Behavior Questionnaire Analysis
LRF Lagotto Romagnolo Behavior Questionn[...]
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